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Above tunes listed in music player - are pre-fixed by music style type - ahead of tune title - as follows:

bal = ballad
hip = cool, hip, jazz, rock - in our estimation.

cnt = country flavor
80s = late '80's flavor
Misc = miscellaneous / strange?
kid = children faves
xcnt = Christmas / country
xbal = Christmas / ballad
Above tunes listed in music player - are pre-fixed by music style type - appearing ahead of tune title:
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- - bal = BALLADS:
bal / Baby You Still Got It - more...
bal / Do That To Me One More TIme-. (( HIT '80 )) - more...
bal / Circles - more...
bal / Don't Forget Me
- more...
bal / Free - more...
bal / Gentle Stranger - more...
bal / Good Songs, The - more...
bal / Honey Come Love Me - more...
bal / I'll Never Be The One To Leave - more...
bal / Keepin' Our Love Warm - more...
bal / Love Me Like A Baby - more...
bal / Love Survives - more...
bal / Smile For Me One More Time - more...
bal / Way That I Want To Touch You, The.. (( HIT '75 )) - more...
bal / We Never Really Say Goodbye

hip / But I Think It's A Dream
hip / Davey I Misbehave
hip / Deep In The Dark
hip / Heaven, Did You Just Come Down From...-
hip / This Is Not The First Time

- - cnt = COUNTRY:
cnt / 1954 Boogie Blues
cnt / Feel Like A Man
cnt / Joe Don't Cry
cnt / Lonely Lips

cnt / Pete Won't Dance

cnt / You Never Stayed Away This Long
- more...


misc / Dodger Stadium Theme-
misc / How Can You Be So Cold - DISCO ?

- - 80s = '80's Style Productions:
80s / Boy Crazy
80s / Denny's Such A Flirt
80s / Get Ready, Teddy

kid / Butterscotch Castle
kid / Listen To The Children
kid / Surprise, Surprise
kid / Traveling Musicians / A Fairy Tale / Narration by Toni..

- - xcnt / = CHRISTMAS / Country
xcnt / Boogie Baby Christmas

- - xbal / = CHRISTMAS / Ballad
xbal / Christmas In California
xbal / Christmas Star
xbal / Tahoe Snow

TONI's In-Depth, TUNE-TRIVIA Section
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Learn more about the tunes listed above: ie; Initial inspiration for the songs, and other interesting morsels of tune-trivia:
- This song was inspired, of course, by my long relationship with Daryl. Actually, the first lyric that "came" to me was the first line of the chorus... "Baby, you still got it, you've got everything I need...." I wrote the chorus first, and then wrote the rest of the song. I do that quite often when I write.... first comes "the hook" (usually the chorus) and the rest of the song then falls into place.

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CIRCLES - Those of you who have been fans of ours for a long time know the story behind CIRCLES. It was one of the first songs I wrote about Daryl. When we first met, I was instantly interested in him, but he had just come out of a very bad relationship and had shut himself off from entering into a new one. Somehow I just knew I would be good for him, and he for me, and I was trying to think of how to help him see the possibilities. I remembered a short poem by Edwin Markham that I memorized when I was in high school. It is called...


"He drew a circle that shut me out
Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout
But Love and I had the wit to win
We drew a circle that took him in."

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- Once again, long time fans will know the story behind this song, which hit #1 song in the country in 1979 and became the second best-selling single we ever had. Daryl and I were putting together the songs for our first project for our new label, Casablanca. DO THAT came out of a thought I had about the first time Daryl ever kissed me..... I wish he would do that again right now! Now, many people have their own interpretations of what the lyrics mean, but that is why I specifically wrote "Do THAT to me once more time"..... not "Do IT to me one more time!" It took a very short time to write the song once I had the first line.... maybe half an hour. I thought it was just a little "filler" tune, but Daryl insisted I play it for the president of Casablanca, Neil Bogart. The minute I finished singing it for Neil at our home in Pacific Palisades, he jumped up and shouted, "That's a SMASH!!!!" And he was right! That experience showed me that sometimes the songs that you don't have to work quite as hard on..... the ones that just seem to almost write themselves..... are often your most successful songs.

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- I found it difficult to be a songwriter who was expected to write only songs about my relationship with my husband. Daryl and our long and thankfully happy marriage have been an endless source of inspiration for me. But I always wanted to write for other artists, too. I am, however, a terrible salesperson for my own work. I just can't bring myself to ask other artists to listen to my songs as prospective candidates for their own repertoire. I guess I've always been afraid I would put them.... especially a singer I knew personally.... in an embarrassing position if they didn't like my song. I don't like to make other people uncomfortable! The few times I have submitted my songs to others, the response has been pretty much..."Well, if it is such a great song, why didn't Captain and Tennille record it?" Songs have often "come into my head" that had nothing to do with my relationship with Daryl, and it was frustrating that many of our fans might think there was something wrong with our marriage if I recorded a "sad" song. DON'T FORGET ME is a sad and touching song about a relationship that didn't work out........ two people who meant well, but were just wrong for each other. I was inspired to write it after seeing the 1979 film, KRAMER VS. KRAMER, starring Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep. Rent the DVD and you will see exactly where the idea for the song came from. I always thought Dolly Parton would sing DON'T FORGET ME beautifully (but, of course, I never sent it to her).

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- Back in 1980 I hosted a syndicated television talk show called THE TONI TENNILLE TALK/VARIETY SHOW. It was produced by Bob (The Newlywed Game) Eubanks. Later, Bob produced a small, independent film and asked Daryl to do the score. Daryl, of course, turned to me to write a closing theme song for the film to run under the credits. I don't remember the title of the film. It had no stars in it and I think it went straight to video. I do remember that it had something to do with a couple running from the law for some reason. They were inlove and unjustly accused of some wrong-doing. Anyhow, by the end of the movie everything turns out fine and they are "free". It is fun and challenging to write for films and I'd love to do more, but haven't had another chance to do it.

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- I wrote this well over 30 years ago about someone I met before I knew Daryl. It is interesting to me that some of my Christian friends have inferred that the "Gentle Stranger" is Jesus. He isn't, but I can see how they would interpret it that way. Certain songs may have different meanings to different people. That, to me, is one of the wonderful things about music, and why it is so important in our lives.

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- I wrote this one back in the early 70's, when Daryl and I were working at The Smokehouse restaurant and bar in Encino, CA. We performed there off and on.... mostly on.... or two years, from 1972-1974. True to its name, the Smokehouse was SMOKY!!!!! And since I have a serious allergy to smoke, by the time we quit for the night, I could hardly talk, much less sing. This went on night after night. I'd manage to recover my voice before we started the next night, but would pretty much lose it by the end of the evening. As time went on, we developed quite a following and people would often line up to get the best seats in the bar area where we performed. When my smoke allergies made it difficult for me to sing, I felt terrible for the people who came to hear us. Sometimes when we were on our way to the Smokehouse I would be filled with dread, worrying about whether or not I could make it through the four hours of sets and give the fans what they wanted to hear. "Lord I just can't make it tonight... and I just can't get that glow on, I just don't think I can go on tonight." Those words first came to me as we drove to work and the rest of the song followed easily. THE GOOD SONGS became my "theme" throughout my career as I struggled with the smoke allergy that threatened to knock me out of many concerts we had scheduled. I would say that vocal anxiety due to circumstances beyond my control has been a constant problem throughout my career. This is proba

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- One of the first songs I ever wrote.... way back in the early 70s. It is a sweet, loving song about a young wife who wants to cajole her husband into staying in bed just a little longer to continue the lovemaking they enjoyed during the night.

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- This is just a demo with me accompanying myself on piano. I fooled around with this song, trying many different approaches to the tune, but decided to let it rest since it was never going to be a "Captain and Tennille" song. In my mind it was never a tune for my particular voice anyway. It "came though me" as almost a classical piece. It just wanted to be written... hard to explain. I don't always have control of what comes through when I sit down to write. Anyhow, I would love to hear this song sung by a classically trained voice.... actually, a beautiful voice like my sister Melissa is blessed with. The lyrics of this song express a woman's unease as she realizes that her lover's affection may be cooling toward her. She wants to let him know that she will never be the one to leave the relationship, implying that it will have to be his decision. It is a sad song, but some of them turn out that way. I am particularly happy with the melody and chord structure of this one.

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- In 1980...about the time I had my talk show.... I was in New York City to participate in the Lighting of the Christmas Tree ceremony at Rockefeller Center. Daryl had stayed behind in California for this short trip. It was a chilly day in The City and I decided to take a jog around the Central Park Reservoir. As I ran, I was thinking of Daryl and how much I missed his being there with me, and the phrase, "Keeping our love warm" popped into my head. As I continued my run, lyrics began to form in my head, along with an initial melody. It became a song in which a girl reassures her lover that she is "keeping our love warm... keeping myself on cool". By the time I got back to the hotel room, I had the song fully formed in my head and wrote it down quickly before I could forget it (which I WILL do if I don't write a song down immediately). I just love how this track turned out. In my opinion Daryl captured the mood of the song perfectly in his production. I always thought I would love to hear a "soul" singer do this song.... sweet, mellow and warm.

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- Daryl decided that I should record this one with just my own piano accompaniment... very, very simple... let the song speak for itself. This song came to me when I began to think about people who work very hard in very stressful situations. At work they have to be tough and strong...... "Out there it's a crazy world.... I get so tired of being strong." And then the incredible relief when they come home to the one they love most in the world and can forget their stress for a while in their lover's arms.... "Baby, baby me. Safe in your arms I'm free... .where I can hide and leave the world outside." Perhaps you know what I mean.

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- Long time C&T fans already know the story behind this song. In 1984 Daryl and I had moved to Lake Tahoe. Soon after our move I received word that our dear friend, Howie Greenfield had contracted AIDS and was near death. Howie was Neil Sedaka's long time friend and writing partner. Together Howie and Neil wrote hit after hit, including LOVE WILL KEEP US TOGETHER. Howie contacted us through our record company, A&M Records, the very first time he heard LWKUT on the radio. He invited us to his beautiful home in Beverly Hills which he shared with his partner, Tory Damon. Daryl and I adored those two men, and we became fast friends with both of them. We ended up losing both of them to AIDS... what a terrible loss. After I heard the news of Howie's illness I went for a walk in the woods around our Tahoe home, thinking of him and all the joy he had brought to people with his songs. The phrase "Love survives in a song and a memory" came to me as I walked. By the time I got back to our home, about an hour later, I had almost the entire lyric ready to be written down, along with the melody for the chorus. Since we were no longer having hits at that time, I had hoped an artist like Whitney Houston would be interested in recording it. I actually gathered my courage (and fear of rejection) and sent a demo to her through Clive Davis. He did write back, but turned the song down, saying she had enough tunes for her next album. Daryl and I were used to people in the business thinking of us as kind of "fluffy" and "superficial". But Clive actually said that we did not have the "cachet" required for the music business (as he saw it). He was probably right.... we certainly weren't thought of as "hip", but LOVE SURVIVES is a wonderful song. I'm proud of it and I hope someday some terrific singer will record it. Howie is gone, but his music lives on in our hearts and memories. LOVE SURVIVES is my tribute to him.

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- I'm SURE you know that I wrote this one for Daryl. I have lived with him for 37 years and I can tell you for certain that Daryl is not a "smiler". He hardly ever smiles, let alone break out in a great big grin. That's probably why he has a lot less wrinkles than I do! This song was my way of encouraging him to smile once in a while.

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- I wrote this song in the early 70s in a boring, brown, dismal businessman's hotel at the airport in
Passaic, New Jersey. I was on my first Beach Boy tour as the only "Beach Girl". Daryl had convinced Carl Wilson that I could handle the acoustic piano parts and Carl hired me sight unseen (and piano-playing ability unheard). I thought it was pretty darned incredible that he would trust Daryl's judgement in that way... .especially since I was not a "boy"! . Daryl taught me all the parts, and I must say that I was well-prepared musically. Of course, I was falling madly in love with Daryl at the time. I was trying to think of a way to express my feelings to him, and music seemed to be the way to do it. While I was staying at this uninspiring airport hotel, the song began to come to me. I went to the front desk and asked the desk clerk if there was a piano anywhere on the premises. He told me there was one in one of the conference rooms, but that he thought it might not be a very good one. Total understatement!!!! It was horribly out of tune. But it was all I needed. I wrote THE WAY I WANT TO TOUCH YOU on that terrible piano in about an hour. It became our second million-selling single.

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cnt = COUNTRY:
- You know, I really love this song, but it has one big lyric difficulty. First of all, this is the one song I wrote with the late Howie Greenfield, Neil Sedaka's long-time friend and writing partner. Howie was a bit older than I was at the time, and he and I remembered back in the early 50s when television channels only had enough programming for 16 hours or so. The stations would sign off completely in the early morning hours with the playing of THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER. In our song, Howie and I imagined the girl's sadness after she has had another disagreement with her lover. He walks out the door, and she is too proud to call him back. As the night drags on, she realizes she made a horrible mistake by letting him go. The lyric "....and the Star Spangled Banner is such a sad and lonely song...." is her reaction to hearing the television closing down for the night in the wee hours of the morning. Since that doesn't happen anymore in this age of 24 hour programming, I'd have to rewrite that lyric if anyone should happen to want to sing or record the song.

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80s = '80's Style Productions:
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xcnt / = CHRISTMAS / Country
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xbal / = CHRISTMAS / Ballad
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